How to innovate in medical technology

In terms of hospital innovation, medical technology is one of the most important fields of innovation. Moreover, the medical technology industry has grown significantly over the past year. This is why, as part of the strategy to expand the medtech arena, Biocat held a workshop entitled ‘Innovating in medtech. Experiences and collaborations from EU and USA’ in conjunction with the European BILAT USA 2.0 project in 2015.

This event, which brought together one hundred people, focused on better understanding innovation in medical technology and identifying ways it may differ between the European Union and the United States. So, the event allowed participants to identify the key regulatory, reimbursement and market access issues, with special attention paid to the regulatory differences between the EU and the US.

The workshop, held at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), also explored new business models for the medical technology sector, with companies from the EU and US presenting their experiences. Wearables, the combination of huge amounts of data, software and technology, and the way in which the doctor-patient relationship is changing were some of the topics discussed.

Success stories

A cranial clamp, a camera for strabismus, software to combat neuralgic pain… These are just some of the medtech innovation success stories that were presented at the workshop.

Participants also learned about the latest trends that will mark the future of the medical technology sector. Participants highlighted that the value of a device no longer lies only in the product itself: while it must be clinically effective, the true value of medical technology today is its ability to provide information, services and other types of care to help customers solve additional problems, like improving diagnosis, boosting efficacy in operating rooms, making hospital stays shorter, and monitoring patients remotely, among others. 

The event was held at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)